Privacy Policy

The Gavil Group consists of the following operating companies:

  • Woodgavil Ltd
  • Woodcote Estates Ltd
  • Charter Court (New Malden) Ltd
  • Crown House (Tadworth) Ltd
  • Edificio Headley Ltd
  • Farthing Estates Ltd
  • Willco Properties Ltd
  • Southern Provincial Ltd
  • Surrey Highlands Ltd

  • Landlord Privacy Notice

    The Gavil Group is committed to protecting and processing your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018 (the legislation). For the purpose of the legislation and your personal data, Gavil Group is the Data Controller. David Pay is the person responsible for data protection and can be contacted at Gavil Group, Crown House Mews, Chequers Lane, Walton on the Hill, Surrey, KT20 7ST.

    The General Data Protection Regulations are to safeguard your personally identifiable information or personal data. This privacy notice will be regularly reviewed and updated.

    Information held

    The personal data we process may include:
  • Name
  • Tenancy details including rent, lease term and property address
  • Email
  • Bank Details (name and bank only – we cannot see account number)
  • Please note that we do not view or retain references.

    Where the provision of data is a statutory, a contractual requirement or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract, a refusal to provide the data may mean that we are unable to provide you with our service. To ensure that we provide you with the best service possible we will need to collect and retain certain personal data.

    Personal data will normally be sourced from the agents that have been dealing with the lease or their representatives.

    Lawful basis of processing

    Your personal data will be used:
  • To form a contract to lease
  • To direct maintenance efforts
  • To share with local councils and utility companies when updating their records
  • To deal with court representatives, bailiffs, solicitors and other parties in the event of rent disputes

  • Recipients of personal data

    It may be necessary for us to share your data with other parties such as but not limited to:
  • Our agents
  • Our solicitors
  • Contractors supplying services to our properties
  • Utility providers
  • The local council
  • Our employees in the course of carrying out their duties regarding your property
  • We will never share your details with any parties outside the EU.

    Where is the data stored?

    Your data will be stored in variety of secure places:
  • Paper contracts in our secure premises
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Gmail email system
  • Barclays banking software

  • Retention period and criteria used to determine the retention period

    We will retain some elements of your personal data for up to 10 years after we cease to be your landlord. What information can be anonymised will be when no longer required for either contractual fulfilment or a legitimate interest.

    Your rights

    You have a right of access to check your personal data to verify the lawful basis of processing. We are obliged to respond to an access request within 30 days and may not charge a fee unless the request is unfounded, excessive or repetitive. If a fee is charged it is to be a reasonable fee based upon the administrative cost of providing the information. You have a right to rectification if the data we hold is either inaccurate or incomplete. If your data has been disclosed to third parties then we must inform them of the rectification, where possible. You have a right to erasure of your data when consent is our basis of processing (the right to be forgotten). You may request that your personal data be erased, for example, where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing or where you withdraw consent. We will comply with your request unless we have another basis of processing justifying our retaining the data (for example a legal requirement or the defence of a legal claim). You have some rights to ask us to restrict processing i.e. to block or supress processing where, for example, the data may be incorrect and whilst the accuracy is verified. We are permitted to store the data.

    Your right to object

    You do have a right to object to further processing of your personal data. We may be required to stop processing unless there is some other legitimate basis of processing such as a legitimate interest or a requirement for the exercise or defence of a legal claim.

    Withdrawal of consent

    Where the lawful basis for processing is your consent, you may withdraw consent at any time by writing to David Pay, Gavil Group, Crown House Mews, Chequers Lane, Walton on the Hill, Surrey, KT20 7ST or by emailing

    How to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

    The supervisory authority responsible for data protection is the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to whom concerns may be reported by phone on 0303 123 1113 or +44 1625 545 745 if calling from outside the UK, by email using the form on the website or the livechat function.

    Gavil Group Talent

    Martin joined his father in the family business in 1988 and property is his passion. Renowned for working very strange hours, Martin always covers the 4 am to 8 am shift for the team.

    - Martin Morris - Chairman

    Malcolm has been retained as Group QS for 3 years or so. Nothing on site escapes his scrutiny and he chairs our fortnightly project meetings with efficiency and good humour.

    - Malcolm Lawrence - QS

    Dave is the new kid on the block having taken over from John as Head of Operations. Dave is a qualified accountant and engineer and has that much-needed attention to detail that every organisation needs.

    - Dave Pay - Company Secretary and Commercial Director

    Having worked as PA to the General Managers of the RAC Club for 25 years, Debbie knows how to solve a problem and provides much-needed support for the Executive Team

    - Debbie Yarnell - Office Manager and PA to the Directors

    Paula has 30 plus years experience in residential lettings and management and is always available to help our agents make the right decisions

    - Paula Burtenshaw - Head of Residential and Student Management

    The Accounts Team is headed by Eric Young (Finance Director) FCCA, CTA. Eric is supported by the charming Chen-Ru Harriss and Martin Banks provides background support in a consultancy role. There is nothing Martin doesn't know about the Group; he has been working at head office since 1970.

    - Eric Young - Accountant

    John devoted 7 years as Head of Production and has agreed to stay on as a consultant. John is uber intelligent and is the font of all knowledge on anything technical.

    - John Woollatt - Consultant

    James is the stereotypical favourite uncle and knows a thing or two about finance and business generally. His bigger picture guidance to the executive team is invaluable.

    - James Dubois - Financial Consultant

    Mark owns and runs Epsom Builders Ltd which has recently formed a strategic alliance with the Group. Mark is a knowledgeable local builder who has been trusted to run all of the Group's major projects in recent years. He has never let us down and has taken an extended role since the completion of Crossways House in 2016.

    - Mark Wilson - Building Consultant

    Andrew, and his father before him, have been principal architects to the Group since 1960. Andrew is available 24/7 and has an uncanny ability to solve the most complex of problems with a "cunning plan". A lot of the Group's success since the Millenium is down to Andrew.

    - Andrew Sloan - Architect and Building Surveyor

    Brother and sister team, Andrew and Anna of Laytons, undertake all of the Group's legal work. The most "thorough" solicitors in the world, Andrew and Anna constitute the ultimate dream team.

    - Andrew and Anna Melvill - Group Lawyers

    Katy, Jess and Jenna handle all of our major planning applications and provide invaluable technical support to Andrew Sloan and his team.

    - Peter Edwards and his team (Carter Jonas) - Planning Consultants